Euro news on June 8 brought 510$ net profit!

News on the euro on June 8 brought 510$ net profit on binary options

On June 8, 2017 at 14:45 Moscow time, two euro news came out at once, which resulted in +510$ to the deposit, see the full report!


The readings remained unchanged and came out black, which indicates that it is possible to enter into contracts for an increase in the EUR/USD pair.

All 11 transactions were opened on this trading platform, options were purchased from a rollback. The price started a sharp movement even before the release of the indicators, so it was necessary to wait for a rollback.

In total, investments in options amounted to 1100$, 2 of which closed with a minus and one at 0.

Net profit amounted to 510$, which cannot but rejoice


And how much did you earn from the publication of this news?

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