Updated forex strategy: Endorphin 2.0 — feel like a real scalper!

Updated forex strategy: Endorphin 2.0 - feel like a pro!
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The scalping strategy for Forex trading Endorphin 2.0 has undergone a number of complex changes and now the probability of drawdown has decreased to a minimum.

Now even a complete beginner can use this strategy for scalping at 5 minutes!

Basic system setup

First of all, download and open Metatrader 4, select 5-7 of any currency pairs and assign a five-minute interval to each of them. You can open no more than one trade per asset per day.

After that, it will be enough for you to download a special set of files, which is presented below, and check the correct display of all indicators of the Endorphin 2.0 system.


  • Heiken Ashi. This is a special type of candlestick, which is often used at short intervals. This indicator will absorb frequent short-term fluctuations, due to which it will be convenient for the trader to track the direction of the formed trend.
  • YZCHMC. This is a red and white histogram that confirms the strength or weakness of the current trend.
  • Spuds Stochastic. This is an enhanced version of the classic stochastic, which acts as an additional filter in this system.
  • volume2v4. This is a leading indicator represented by red and blue arrows. It warns the trader about the near favorable moment for the transaction. This tool is one of the auxiliary ones, so you can ignore its values during trading.

Trading conditions for entry to buy

  1. volume2v4. A blue arrow appeared. This means that suitable conditions for entering an increase may soon form.
  2. Heiken Ashi. Candles have turned white and indicate the start of an uptrend.
  3. YZCHMC. The bars turned white and confirm the strength of the uptrend.
  4. Spuds Stochastic. The oscillator bands are located above their central level.

If all the above conditions are met, then you need to look at the trend on three higher timeframes: M15, M30 and H1. You can activate an order only if an upward trend has been established everywhere.

Trading conditions for entry to sell

  1. Volume2v4 has formed a red arrow. Heiken Ashi candles turned red. YZCHMC bars turned red.
  2. The SpudsStochastic indicator fixed below its central range. A downtrend has been established on the fifteen-minute, thirty-minute and hourly intervals.

We sell at the opening of the next five-minute candle.

Trading recommendations

Recommended couples: you can choose any 5-7;

Timeframe: M5;

Take Profit: 3 times more stop loss;

Stop Loss: up to 2% from the deposit;

Time to trade: from 8.00 to 20.00 Moscow time;

Recommended Broker: FinMaxFX, Alpari;

Template + indicators

To download the Endorphin 2.0 strategy for free, you need to leave some comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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