What platform for those. analysis and trading is better to choose: MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5? Switching to MT5!

What platform for those. analysis and trading is better to choose: MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5? Switching to MT5!

Why is it better to start using the MT5 terminal now? What are its advantages and how to switch from MT4 to MT5 painlessly? Consider the important advantages of the MT5 trading terminal.

So, let's start with the important advantages of the MT5 terminal:

  • The terminal works much faster than MT4;
  • Timeframes are not limited to the standard time set, you can choose almost any non-standard minute interval (for example, 10 or 12 minutes), or 6 or 8 hour timeframes;

  • There is no need to manually load quotes, when you start a window with a pair, quotes are loaded automatically;
  • No need to restart the terminal every time after some settings are made, the changes take effect immediately;
  • More convenient tools for analysis (fibonacci, trend lines, channels, etc.);
  • Many other small but important nuances.

In a word, the MT5 platform is made by traders for traders, where it is really convenient to work. The most important thing, of course, which made me very happy - MT5 does not eat a lot of memory. Works very fast.

Compared to MT4, for which 15 open windows were already the limit and it was necessary to reduce the number of bars displayed in the window, everything is completely different with MT5. The platform works without any hangups at all!

But, there is a small nuance. Strategies, which are designed for MT4 - will not work on MT5 either. In MT5, the code is very different. There is only one way out - either redo it, which will be too difficult, or simply look for ready-made templates with indicators that are designed for MT5.

MetaTrader 5 can be downloaded from this broker. For simple analysis, you can even open a Demo account if you trade binary options. For Forex, of course, you should use a real account.

But do not worry that old templates and indicators will not work in MT5, strategies for MT5 will gradually be selected, but still, since there are much more strategies for MT4, such templates will also be laid out.

MT5 is best used to analyze charts for non-indicator strategies and with standard indicators that come by default in the terminal.

By the way, there are also advisors for MT5, for example, here this robot, which in just 1.5 years made only from 1000$ - 300 000$ and this is not the limit!

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