Paid strategy Grail for 60 seconds is now free!

Paid strategy Grail for 60 seconds - now free!

Active users of the portal now have a unique opportunity to get access to the Grail 60 Seconds strategy, which is provided free of charge, and until that time it was sold.

The convenience of working with indicators lies in the fact that you can work with them both in the direction of the trend and in the opposite direction, that is, on a rebound.

Using this system, you need to remember that the indicators draw, and the signals disappear when the time interval changes. But despite this, you can trade quite successfully with indicators!

How to define signals?

Purchase PUT:

Buying a PUT option according to the strategy for 60 seconds

DOWN options are bought on a new candlestick when:

1. The red arrow is pointing down;
2. The yellow line in the basement crosses the canal.

Purchase CALL:

Buying a CALL option for a 60 second strategy

UP options should be bought on a new candle if:

1. The green arrow is pointing up;
2. In the basement, the yellow line extends beyond the channel.

There are different ways to trade on the indicators of the Grail 60 seconds system. You can check them out by downloading the free archive below!

And here are screenshots with examples of signals:

Signals for 60 seconds

Strategy signals for 60 seconds

Trading recommendations

Recommended couples: any currency pairs;

Timeframe: any;

Expiration: 1 candle;

Time to trade: any, except for the release of important news;

Recommended Broker: Having tried a lot of brokers, I want to highlight only one site: THIS ONE, which has been paying me for several years - regularly and without delay. The online platform has a very high response, the quotes are valid, it works without freezes.

Template + indicators

You can download files for the strategy link is free!

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