Why does the martingale strategy work so well on binary options, but not on forex?

Why does the martingale strategy work so well on binary options, but not on forex?
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Why martingale strategy works so well on binary options, but does not work on forex?

On binary options, you can work with martingale, and on Forex, this is a very high risk, since the drain occurs more often than on binary options.

This is precisely the very big plus of binary options trading that you can work on them using the martingale strategy.

In binary options, we do not need to wait for the price to pass a large number of points, it is enough to determine the direction of at least 1 point and that's it!

In general, martingale came to Forex from the casino, but in the casino everything is set up against the player so that one color can fall out in a row an unlimited number of times, so that you lose everything.

But the market is predictable and it is constantly changing, so there simply cannot be permanent losing trades!


Why martingale does not work well in Forex? According to the martingale principle, if we receive a loss, then we open the next transaction 2 or more times more in order to cover the losing transaction and earn more on top.

According to statistics, there cannot be an infinite number of losing trades in a row, but everything is more complicated in Forex.

In order for us to win back a losing trade, we need not only to increase the lot each time, but also for the price to pass the same number of points as it was at a loss + we need to earn more in excess.

Unfortunately, this simply does not happen in Forex.

In Forex, everything ends sooner or later like this:

Forex martingale

In Forex, using martingale, the risk is much higher, but in binary options, everything is different.

In binary options, in order to win back the loss, you do not need to wait until the price passes 100 or 200 points as in FOREX, it is enough to determine the movement of just 1 point and we win back the loss and earn from above!!!

The price cannot constantly move in one direction, it fluctuates, just such small fluctuations are enough to get a stable profit on binary options and not wait for long-term transactions, as happens in the classic Forex trading.

Therefore, the martingale strategy on binary options works much better and, most importantly, safer than on classic forex!

Martingale on binary options

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