Profitable forex strategy Dynamic Gains Profit System at your service!

Profitable forex strategy Dynamic Gains Profit System at your service!

With the help of the Dynamic Gains Profit System forex strategy, you can easily enter the market just when the momentum is just emerging, which will make your trading more efficient!

The strategy consists of many indicators, which are wrapped in a beautiful and convenient template.

The main window shows support and resistance levels, which are visible as gray triangles.

The bottom 2 windows show the rise or fall of the pair for the selected timeframe. You can leave the default and trade as is, or change it at your discretion.

Purchase rules

From the lower support, in the main window, the candle turned blue and completely closed, in the lower 2 windows they are also blue - you can enter.

We exit when a resistance level forms or when at least one bar of the histogram turns red in the lower window after a completely closed candle.

Stop Loss Setting

Stop loss is set below the previous support level.

Take profit

If you trade on small timeframes, then you can not set a take profit, but just wait.

Sale Rules

It's the same, just the other way around.

Trading recommendations

Recommended Broker: FinMaxFX

Timeframe: any

Active: any

Template + indicators

To download the strategy for free, you need to leave some comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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PS How to install a strategy (template and indicators in the MT4 program) read the detailed instructions here!

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