An example of trading binary options on the news: Nonfarm Payroll

An example of trading binary options on the news: Nonfarm Payroll

An example of trading binary options on the news: Nonfarm Payroll! What it is? This is the time when profits can be made even faster than with normal weekday trading.

Also, such trading is considered even more profitable, since there are guarantees that the price will go in one direction for some time.

As you know, for trading on the news, with the participation of the American dollar (USD), it is best to use a pair with the yen, in this case USD / JPY, which was done.

But negative data came out in the economic calendar, which indicates a decline in the pair:

Nonfarm Payroll Data

And the price, on the contrary, went up, so the decision was made to conclude deals too.

Trade was carried out on finmax — excellent broker, very convenient platform, I recommend it!

Immediately after the release of the news, as soon as the direction of price movement became clear, several deals were opened, I tried to take on rollbacks:



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Therefore, when the price began to roll back down, I made an additional purchase, opened several deals for 5 minutes as well, while the price was marking time:


As a result, this is what happened: out of 9 transactions, only 1 was in the red:


I think this is a good result for such trading, and if you still use more investments, then of course you can earn more!

The deposit has increased a little:


And you still do not earn on the news?

Open an account ⇒

What is the minimum deposit recommended for news trading?

In principle, you can start with 100$, but it's better to at least have 200$.

Earn in 5 minutes ⇒

PS Here I tested the payment with Finmax, the money came quickly:

Finmax payouts

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