The principle of operation of the forex advisor on the levels of market makers

The principle of operation of a manual forex advisor on the levels of market makers

How does the legendary manual robot work as a market maker by levels? See the principle of the forex advisor with analysis in screenshots!

A lot of questions come in that many do not understand how to trade on this adviser. Let's dispel all the myths!

What are the trading rules?

Here is an example of a pair of parsed trades:

trading rules

What is the signal to open a trade?

For trades on Buy:

  • 1. A green level should appear and the price should break it up;
  • 2. We are waiting for a rollback. The price after breaking through should roll back to it, that is, down;
  • 3. If the price breaks through this level during a rollback, we skip the signal. The exception is if the price is jumping at the level, that is, support is still felt;
  • 4. If the price has started such a consolidation, we are waiting for the price to be in the corridor for at least 2-3 candles;
  • 5. If the conditions are met, open a deal on Buy, put Stop Loss under the green bar + 2-3 points, Take Profit at least 2 times more, on gold we immediately increase this value by 10. That is, if the take profit on the currency is 100 points , for gold, you can immediately bet on 1000;
  • 6. We accompany the transaction, you may have to close it before reaching the take profit;

As you can see from the screenshot below, the price reached the take profit and a sell trade was opened:


Everything is the same with Sell signals:

  • 1. An orange level should appear;
  • 2. We are waiting for the price to break through it and return back to it;
  • 3. The price must go through consolidation in the corridor, if it breaks through the level, we skip the signal;
  • 4. If the conditions are the same, then open a deal on Sell, put Stop Loss + 2-3 points behind the orange bar, Take Profit at least 2 times more.

Of course, there are many more different nuances, but these are the main ones. The rest of the trading recommendations are already understood in the training itself.

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