Profit strategy: Crafty Serpent is a smart way to make a profit!

Profit strategy: Crafty Serpent - a smart way to make a profit!
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Binary options is a risky business, but the risk is justified if there is a good strategy! For efficient and profitable trading, a trader needs to have a very efficient, profitable, simple and at the same time tricky trading strategy.

The strategy that meets all the requirements for option trading is called "Crafty Serpent".

Translated from English, this means "Insidious Serpent." It is by cunning that you need to earn profit on the stock exchange. There is no other way out.

Thanks to the trading system that will be discussed in the article, with proper work, you can increase your account daily by 5%, or even more.

How to use the Crafty Serpent strategy?

To work, you need to simulate a trading system template. There is nothing supernatural here. Need to go to this service, where the graph of the most accurate quotes will be located on the main page.

The service has the ability to install indicators on the chart, thereby implementing a visual representation of the trading strategy.

At the very beginning, you need to set up the display of the trading instrument that will be traded. This can be done by clicking on the asset selection button.

The next thing to do is to select the time period of the chart. To work on the system, it is recommended to set the period to 1 minute.

After choosing a timeframe, you need to install the indicator. To do this, go to the tab of the same name. Enter the name KST in the search field.

This indicator will be displayed in the window and click on it:

KST indicator

After that, it will be displayed on the quotes chart, at the bottom of the working area of the service.

After going through all the setup steps, you get a ready-made working strategy "Сrafty Serpent".

This system, with a competent approach, helps to trade profitably and efficiently on binary options.

Strategy testing statistics, which were collected while working on markets of various types, showed a profitability equal to 70% of profitable trades.

Another pattern is that work should be done on a volatile market, during the American and European trading sessions.

Trading signals

To make trading easier for yourself, you need to expand two windows on your desktop.

  • In the first window, we observe the operation of the strategy, and in the second, we make deals.
  • The second window is the trading platform of the brokerage campaign that you have chosen.

In this case, we will show trading on this platform.

Buying an option up:

Buying an option up:

1. An intersection (green lines) appeared on the KST indicator, the zero level of the indicator in the upper direction;

2. The price of the trading instrument starts its upward movement immediately after the indicator has signaled it;

3. After the indicator signals match, you need to go to the broker's trading platform and open a position to buy up.

Buy CALL option

Buying an option down:

Buying an option down:

1. The KST indicator crossed the line, which is colored green, the zero level of the indicator in the downward direction;

2. The price of the trading instrument moves down after the signal from the indicator;

3. After the signals coincide, open a position to buy down.

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Money management

Proper money management is the key to successful trading in any markets. The same is true with binary options.

It is recommended to work with a position that does not exceed 5% of the total capital. In this case, it is enough to have only $100 on the trading account in order to work effectively according to the strategy.

A deposit in 5% minimizes the overload of the trading account and makes your trading process risk-free and calm, and also allows you to earn quite decently from the first day.

Position expiration time

When working with time periods of 1 minute, it is not advisable to use a long trade expiration period.

On a one-minute timeframe, it is impossible to take into account all the factors of the market movement.

It is recommended to set the duration of transactions, which is equal to 5 minutes. In this case, "Crafty Serpent" and trading on this system will have the greatest chance of success.

Trading pairs: any major;

Working timeframe: M1;

Expiration: 5 candles (5 minutes);

Time to trade: avoid the release of very strong news;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

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