MoneyGram stock forecast (relevant for 2020)

Consider the forecast for the shares of the MoneyGram payment system based on technical analysis.

What is Moneygram? This is a money transfer payment system and, by the way, convenient, it has its own differences from the same Western Union. Through MoneyGram you can send cash to anywhere in the world (where there is a MoneyGram office) having all your passport and paying mere pennies for the commission, the transfer is fast.

What will happen next?

In August 2019, the price rises sharply from 2 bucks to about 6.5$ and then rolls back down. If we take a three-wave cycle, then apparently the correction has already completed its movement in the price area of 1$ per 1 share, and further upward movement will follow.

It is still difficult to say whether the price of MoneyGram shares will rise further, but the chart shows clear strong resistance levels from which the price can correct. The global goal is also indicated (blue line):

In any case, it is recommended to buy shares of this payment, since the price is already “tasty” and now it is holding around prices of 1.6$

The first resistance the price will meet will be around 2$, which is a round number. Next comes the level around 3.5$ and the global target: 4.7-5$ per 1 share!

Shares are now available from this broker, you can open an account and earn on MoneyGram promotions! Earn only the brave, who are not afraid to act!

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