Bitcoin Prediction for May 2021 - Will there be a correction after 65.000$?

Bitcoin Prediction for May 2021 - Will there be a correction after 65.000$?

On April 13, 2021, Bitcoin reached approximately 65.000$. To be honest, I, and all investors and traders, expected a correction from 50.000$, but it passed this mark very smoothly - literally “half a dash”.

If we take into account the year 2017 and make an analogy, then of course - with such growth, now the growth should be at least up to 250.000$, because this is what everyone is waiting for, but not everything is so simple.

Expectations are not always met

Corrections will be, maybe not so deep, but still. Let's look at the chart:

The price moved away a lot on the moving averages, and the price always tends to return to them, and sooner or later this will happen. But, if the price pushes further, up to 100,000$, then the movings will start to move up closer to the price and the correction will no longer be so deep (up to 20,000-30,000)

Minimum Correction

There is a correction that has not yet ended and it will end around 40,000-42,000$:

After this minimal correction, which should end approximately between May 13 and May 20 (if the news does not interfere), bitcoin will go up again and there will already need a new analysis on higher timeframes, since it is likely that the correction will begin already on of them is deeper, because the cycle of the senior TF is COMPLETE!

Can you buy Bitcoin now?

To be honest, bitcoin is already very expensive now and it’s not worth waiting for some unprecedented “x”, at least now, when a correction is looming. If you are already very impatient, then at least wait until this small correction ends.

In general, most of all, of course, you can raise on altcoins, which are still cheap ;)

Or borrow on margin Binance there are steep conditions when trading with leverage on bitcoin. The margin will compensate you for the missing "x" and even with X3 leverage you can buy a whole bitcoin (at an average cost of 50,000$) - you only need ~16,600$.

By the way, the stock market EXMO margin trading was also opened not so long ago, for someone (especially for beginners) it will be easier to trade on this exchange, due to the simple interface.

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