Not a very comforting forecast for the USD/RUB pair (USD/RUB) — Actual for summer 2020

Not very comforting forecast for the Dollar-Ruble pair (USD/RUB) - Actual for summer 2020

After the winter rise, the dollar against the ruble as of May 2020 stands at prices around 73 and continues to hold for quite a long time, but judging by the emerging pattern, the price may not hold at this mark and fall to about 76.5 rubles.

On the price range of 65.5 and 67.5 there is a level where the price should come in case of a breakdown of the formed triangle, the judgment according to the wave cycle.

The last maximum is located on the same range, and during a correction, the price usually returns to approximately this mark.

Accordingly, after reaching this price point, the pair will continue to move up until the level of 89.5 rubles.

It is also worth noting that the very important psychological level of 100 rubles remains not far away, perhaps its price will be tested. In any case, it is recommended to fix your savings on these round numbers and convert them into rubles.

Those who have invested in dollars are advised to drop at least half in order to repurchase at a better price.

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