Forecasting the direction of candles with an indicator for binary options!

Forecasting the direction of candles with an indicator for binary options!
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How to determine which candle will be next: rising or falling? And this is where a unique indicator for binary options helps us!

What does the predictor indicator do? This Expert Advisor predicts reversal momentum points using a special encrypted algorithm, thereby determining the next candle.

What is the next candle - bullish or bearish? This will become known as soon as you install this indicator. It does not matter what instrument and timeframe it will be.

How does the indicator work?

After installation, next to the candle, the percentage of the impulse strength is displayed. To get started, you need to find only two different candles, for example: bearish and bullish or vice versa, which follow each other and compare them.

Signals to open PUT and CALL options:

For up options The first candle must be strictly bearish, the second must be bullish, and the % of the second candle must be an order of magnitude higher than the first.

As soon as the conditions match, you can enter into an increase contract with an expiration period of one candle.

For down contracts everything is the same: we find the first bullish candle and after it there should be a bearish one with a percentage several times higher than the first one.

As soon as we see a successful match of the percentage, we buy a down option with an expiration of one candle (that is, to continue the current second candle).

Nuances in trading

There is also such a rule that the greater the difference in percentage between the two found candles, the stronger the signal will be.

For example, we found two candles (bullish and bearish), one 15%, the second 40% and a second similar pair but the first candle 90%, and the second 800% — it is more logical to make a deal on the second pair, since such a signal is more reliable.

But hitting the first example is not ruled out, so you can play on all signals. But then, in case of unsuccessful transactions, it is most profitable to use martingale.

Also, as already mentioned, the indicator calculates forces based on any time frame, no matter what time period you set it for, at least on M1, the result will be the same.

Indicator settings

The calculation of the strength of each candle is a secret algorithm, so the indicator does not need additional settings. But you can, for example, change the color scheme for the convenience of displaying on the chart and change the number of candles that are taken to calculate the momentum strength. But if you do not know what this is for, you can leave everything as it is.

Also note that the indicator works only in the MT4 terminal, which is best downloaded from this broker.

Trading recommendations

Working timeframe: absolutely anyone;

Expiration: 1 candle;

Trading pairs: any;

Time to trade: any;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

Template + indicator

To download this particular indicator for free - just leave a comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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