Real earnings on Cryptocurrency with a leverage of 1 to 2 from NSB broker!

How to open a deal on 250$ and earn many times more? What is the most highly profitable financial instrument that you did not know about yet?

Forget everything you knew about forex! Because now the era of a new era of trading is coming! Now you can earn not only reliably, but also much more using cryptocurrency!

NSBroker offers traders around the world to trade on the most highly profitable instruments, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other cryptocurrencies.

What is the essence of highly profitable earnings on cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency trading allows you to earn on this popular asset with minimal investment.

In order for NSBroker clients to start real trading, it is enough to deposit any amount from 250$ to the account, and in order to buy a crypt on your crypto wallet, you should have many thousands of capital!

Such conditions of crypto exchanges are not suitable for most beginners who do not have large funds at the beginning of their journey.

It is better to trade cryptocurrencies, of course, using at least some kind of leverage. Because without leverage, you either don't have enough money to buy even one unit of the asset, or you earn very very little.

BUT! Since cryptocurrency is a fairly volatile asset, you should not use too much leverage, as with fiat currencies. The maximum allowable leverage (when trading crypto): 1 to 3! if you are offered trading with a leverage of 1 to 5, remember - you are taking a big risk!

NSBroker provides 1:2 leverage for the entire crypto! Thanks to the use of leverage, you can increase your capital in the shortest possible time, than when trading only with your own money.

Another feature of crypto trading, of course, is the lot size. In most cases, the lot is not 0.01, as when trading fiat currencies, but 1.

This means that you can even open a Forex deal with a minimum deposit, and in order to buy crypto on your wallet, you would need a sum of tens more!

Trade Cryptocurrency 24/7 - NO DAYS OFF

True trading fans choose cryptocurrency as their underlying asset also because, unlike traditional financial markets, you can trade crypto around the clock!

The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7, so there is no need to close a trade at the end of a trading day or session.

More profit MUCH FASTER and FASTER!

Since the cryptocurrency rate does not correlate with the asset rates of the traditional financial market, more and more investors are using crypto as a "safe haven" to store their capital.

In recent years, even conservative participants in the trading process have been trying to diversify their investment portfolio with cryptocurrencies and at the same time earn a good profit on trading it.

Here are just some of the Quality High Yield Cryptocurrency Assets

According to rough estimates by analysts, there are now more than one and a half thousand different cryptocurrencies in the world, and every day this figure is only increasing.

Some cryptocurrencies have been popular since the early days, while other digital currencies disappear without getting the desired fame.

Consider the features of the brightest investment instruments from this group!


This is the very first and most famous cryptocurrency, on the basis of which many other digital assets have been developed.

It was created in 2008-2009. Its capitalization exceeds 902 billion dollars, although initially they did not want to pay even 1 dollar for it. Now the Bitcoin exchange rate is rapidly approaching the mark of 50 thousand USD, this value has not been reached by any of the currently existing currencies!


This crypto was launched in 2015. Now it ranks 2nd in terms of capitalization and popularity. More than 206 billion dollars have been invested in it. Ethereum is now considered the most promising cryptocurrency with great potential.


This is a fork of Bitcoin. To create it, the open source code of the first cryptocurrency was used. And if in narrow circles Bitcoin was called virtual gold, then Litecoin was called virtual silver. Litecoin entered the market in 2011, now it ranks 6th in terms of capitalization and popularity.

bitcoin cash

This is a fork of bitcoin that appeared in 2018 after the introduction of new rules for the BTC blockchain. In the financial markets, this crypt corresponds to several tickers at the same time - Bcash, BCC, BCH.

Due to its relationship with the world's main cryptocurrency, BCH was able to increase its capitalization to $12.75 billion in just 4 months, which is quite a high figure for such a young crypto.


This crypto is based on the original CryptoNote protocol, which was developed in 2014. Monero is not in the top ten in terms of capitalization, but this does not make it less attractive to investors.


Initially, this cryptocurrency was called Xcoin. It appeared in 2014, and in 2015, after the rebranding, the demand for it only increased.

The peculiarity of Dash is that the direction in which the crypt will develop in the future is chosen by all members of the network.

Not a single crypt has been able to achieve such a level of decentralization yet, thanks to this, in just 3 years, the Desh exchange rate has grown almost 10 times, and its capitalization amounted to more than 4.5 billion dollars, which ensured it the 5th place in this indicator.


Cryptocurrency ZiKesh with the ticker ZEC appeared at the end of 2016. At the initial stage, due to the excitement around the novelty, it even entered the TOP-5 leaders in terms of capitalization among digital currencies.

The price, growing on the hype, gradually began to fall, but Zcash is still among the top ten digital currencies in terms of trade turnover. Its main feature is the high level of anonymity of transactions.

The principle of operation of this payment service is such that financial transactions with Zcash are almost impossible to trace.


The ticker of this cryptocurrency on exchanges is SC. This is not only virtual money, but also a platform for decentralized cloud storage of information.

To create this cryptocurrency, the disk space of the computer devices of the participants included in the project is combined. This is a fairly unique functionality, so Siacoin is considered one of the most promising cryptocurrencies.


The hometown of this crypt is Montreal. It was developed in 2014. The stock ticker is EMC2. Its capitalization is 30.87 million dollars.

With this indicator, it is not even included in the top hundred cryptocurrencies, but this is not so important. A feature of Einsteinium is that it was created to finance scientific developments around the world related to IT projects and cryptography.

A charitable foundation with the same name also helps this crypto to cope with the task.


The release of this currency took place at the end of 2015, but for another 1.5 years after that it was tested and finalized. It was officially introduced to the market only in the spring of 2017. This currency is not distinguished by special innovations, so it is still difficult to assess its attractiveness for investors.

Your benefits

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new investment tool for traders, but they have already appreciated all the benefits of trading it.

The main advantage of cryptocurrency trading is that, unlike buying digital currency on a wallet, there is no need to have a solid start-up capital to make a profit.

In addition, the broker helps in working with leverage and a host of useful analytical tools. If you also want to earn on cryptocurrency trading much faster and more than on classic Forex assets, you need to open account on the NSBroker website.

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