Effective Binary Options Strategy: Spine

Effective Binary Options Strategy: Spine
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The capabilities of the Spine binary options strategy and the architecture of binary contracts in general allow traders to receive large amounts of profit in the shortest possible time.

But here the need to apply effective strategies that are able to generate accurate forecasts for the market immediately comes to the fore.

The proposed Spine trading system combines mathematical and technical approaches to market analysis, which leads to traders receiving more than 85% profitable contracts on binary options.

Spine Strategy Trading Technique

The approach of the Spine trading system is based on the work of mathematically calculated Fibonacci levels and insurance indicators MACD and RSI.

A combination of graphical and technical tools allows you to determine the price levels of the underlying asset as accurately as possible, at which the quotes are most likely to reverse. It is this fact that allows you to maximize the profits of traders.

But here a certain problem arises related to access to the necessary tools. It is difficult to find a platform on the market where both graphical tools and automatic indicators will be available at the same time.

Given this fact, we can recommend a platform for trading on the binary market, which best meets the technical requirements of the Spine trading system.

The company's trading terminal offers market participants the following technical and trading opportunities:

  • Trading terminal with integrated sets of graphical tools and indicator analysis tools;
  • Selection of assets of different types;
  • Trading conditions with optimal parameters - an account from 10 USD, the initial volume of the contract is 1 USD;
  • Contracts with short maturity from 60 seconds;
  • High-speed mode of registration of contracts;
  • Demo platform for system testing.

So, let's start marking the trading chart. To go to the broker's web platform and select Fibonacci levels from the set of graphic services in the trading terminal. Further, by connecting the high and low of the market, we build the necessary working layout with its help.

The next step is to apply the standard MACD oscillator indicator and the RSI trend indicator to the trading chart. After installing all the necessary funds on the quotes chart, the following template of the trading system is formed:

Binary Options Strategy: Spine

Thus, we get the opportunity to increase the amount of information for the formation of a trading forecast.

Fibonacci levels calculate mathematical price levels for a possible trend reversal, the MACD indicator will generate a confirming quote reversal signal, and the RSI indicator will show the general trend of the asset market.

Receiving trading signals

Forming a forecast for a contract UP passes through the following indicators of the trading system:

1. A moving reversal occurred on the RSI indicator to build a growing trend;

2. Quotes, having reached a significant Fibonacci Level, rebounded from it;

2. A confirming reversal signal has formed on the MACD indicator in the form of an upward crossover of the lines.

Binary strategy up signal

Forming a forecast for a contract WAY DOWN passes through the following indicators of the trading system:

1. On the RSI indicator, a moving reversal occurred to build a downtrend;

2. Quotes, having reached a significant Fibonacci Level, rebounded from it;

3. A confirming reversal signal has formed on the MACD indicator in the form of a downward crossing of the lines.

Binary strategy down signal

Expiration time

The formation of such a set of signals on the trading chart allows the most efficient use of contracts with the shortest maturity of 60 seconds in trading.

The maximum contract expiration period for use in trading on the trading system is 120 seconds.

In the short-term trading mode, you can make a profit of about 200% per week, which leads to a high dynamics of growth in working capital on the deposit.

Important: the rebuilding of Fibonacci levels must be carried out when the price breaks through the levels 100% and 0%. This leads to the most correct operation of strategies in the market.

Money management

Trading according to the Spine strategy, despite its high efficiency, can be accompanied by a certain amount of losses, so it is necessary to clearly establish money management rules for trading.

The optimal mode would be to limit the value of contracts either by the initial level of investment offered by the broker, or by the level of 3% of the total amount of funds.

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