Manual labor is a thing of the past! Trade fully automatic with the new robot!

Manual labor is a thing of the past! Trade fully automatic with the new robot!

The semi-automatic adviser, which blew up Internet trading with its accuracy and ease of trading, received a new breath - now you can trade in automatic mode!

This is a completely new development, the launch of which was scheduled for 2017, but now in 2020 it has been completely updated and has become even better and more profitable!

Initially, the robot was only an assistant - a semi-automatic adviser, which you can read more about here.

What is a robot and what does it do?

He shows market maker levels, from which the price is repelled, and you need to open deals and analyze yourself, but now there has been a global update of this adviser. Many new features have been added and the most interesting is the AUTO MODE function!

Just press the AUTO button and the robot will open deals on its own when the price reaches a certain level that satisfies all the rules, as well as set stop loss and take profit.

Yes! Now the EA is able to open trades by itself when the price approaches the desired level!

You don't have to wait for it to arrive alert on the phone, no need to sit at the monitor and watch - when the level is formed so that I can earn ...


You no longer need to experience problems with entering a trade, endure drawdowns, have to break money management and experience a lot of stress…

Open trades at full auto!

We have removed the manual trade entry factor and added settings for automatic trading.

Do you want to start making real money on Forex, but you can't trade?

The time has come to trust automatic trading, where the human factor is completely excluded, which, as you know, is probably the main reason for draining deposits of most novice traders.

Take the risk of not experiencing the pain of losing trades

  • You no longer need to constantly monitor the charts of various instruments, waiting for the very one of your deal.
  • No more stress, red eyes and fatigue; nervous tension and mistakes in trading that lead to minuses.

The more nervous you are, the more often you make ill-conceived steps and break the trading system.

Give all the hard work to an automatic assistant - a fully automated machine and take the profits.

Get a robot!

PS Here you can read more about this EA, how it works and see reviews. Well and here collected answers to frequently asked questions about this robot.

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