Binary Options Trading System: Ninja

Binary Options Trading System: Ninja

The system for trading binary options "Ninja" displays a trend change and implies working on a long-term trend reversal.

The strategy is based on two indicators, which are located in the zone of the main and filter cellars.

Characteristics of the strategy

A characteristic feature of the "Ninja" is that the system rarely produces binary signals, but they have good accuracy.

The strategy works most successfully on five-minute timeframes with an expiration of 1 hour.

Purchase PUT:

PUT option on the ninja system

1. A red arrow pointing down appears on the chart;
2. The histogram is colored red;
3. After the candle closes and at the opening of a new one, a DOWN option is bought for 1 hour.

Purchase CALL:

NUMBER option by ninja system

1. A green arrow appears on the chart pointing up;
2. The histogram is colored blue;
3. After closing the current candle and opening a new one, an UP option is bought.

Method Martingale applies only when a new signal appears. News trading is not recommended. As for spending the deposit, you can use 7%.

Ninja system settings and indicators can be downloaded for free at the bottom of the page!

Trading recommendations

Recommended couples: any popular currency pairs;

Timeframe: M5 (5 minutes);

Expiration: 1 hour;

Time to trade: except for the release of news;

Where is the best place to trade?

Having tried a lot of brokers, I want to highlight just one: THIS ONE, which has been paying me for several years - regularly and without delay. The online platform has a very high response, the quotes are valid, it works without freezes.

How to download the strategy?

You can download strategy files for free! Click link.

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