How much can you earn on Gold by signals?

How much can you earn on Gold by signals?
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Here are detailed statistics on SMS signals, with the help of which many traders are already making stable money on Forex.

A good income is obtained when trading on gold, as you know, this is a very volatile trading instrument.

Statistics on signals for 2020 on GOLD (XAU/USD pair)

See how much traders have already earned only on gold by trading on these signals.

+1380 points for January 2020 for gold!

Even if you open deals with 0.1 lots, you could earn 1380$! If you open deals with 1 lot, then your earnings would be 13800$!

+1492 gold points for February 2020!

Even if you open only 0.5 lots, then your earnings from 1492 points would be 746$! If we translate this into rubles and take the average exchange rate at that time, then it turned out to be about 50,000 rubles!

+1280 points for Gold for March 2020!

Total: net income from signals for 2020 (and it has just begun!) amounted to 4152 points.

How do you like +4152 points to your deposit? And this is only for Gold - just one instrument brings such a profit in 3 months! And the signals come very often, as there are a lot of trading instruments.

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GOLD signal statistics for 2019

2019 turned out to be just a gift for traders, because it is not necessary to choose all trading instruments, it is very expensive to constantly monitor SMS messages.

You can simply select one instrument and track only that one.

+888 pips for January 2019 on Gold signals!

+1370 points for February 2019!

Having earned 1370 points, your direct income with 0.1 lot would be 1370$, which is almost 90,000 rubles (with an approximate allowance for that exchange rate).

+954 gold points for March 2019!

+245 points for April 2019

Are you saying it's not enough? Yes, such drawdowns in profits are possible, but they are not frequent, besides, this is only one instrument. In the arsenal of the analytical group, for which traders receive signals, there are also currency pairs, indices, commodities, stocks and other investment instruments!

+770 points for May in gold for 2019!

And now a new month has come and brought the long-awaited profit to each trader, namely + 770 points to the deposit! The main thing is not to quit and disperse the deposit so you can even for one trading pair, and if you still use martingale, then your earnings will grow exponentially!

+770 points for June 2019!

And again, gold brings traders +770 points to the deposit!

+831 points for July 2019 in Gold!

We continue to gain momentum! The deposit grows with each new month, the growth goes smoothly, but gradually!

+580 points to the deposit for August 2019

+1162 points for September 2019!

+1480 points for October 2019!

+880 points for November 2019 for gold!

+1515 points for December 2019!

And traders were able to get + 1515 points in the last month of the outgoing year.

Total: net income from signals for 2019 amounted to 11,445 points.

As you can see, not a single unprofitable month! This is just a gift to traders and just investors who do not want to delve into technical analysis, let alone fundamental.

What is 11,445 points?

  • If you traded 0.1 lots, then the increase in your deposit would be 11445$;
  • If you trade 1 lot, then you could earn 114450$! Yes, and this is not a joke!

You can trade without having several years of experience behind you, just leave your contacts on this page and SMS notifications are connected to you.

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