How much do you earn on currency pairs using forex signals?

How much do you earn on currency pairs using forex signals?
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Currency pairs — this is a great solution for a novice trader! All beginners start trading with currencies, especially the so-called “majors”, but with the help of signals, the whole process can be even simpler.

By SMS signals, you can enter the market using even your smartphone! Many traders do this, who are too lazy to conduct an independent daily analysis - they simply subscribe to sms signals and open transactions according to all the rules, increasing the deposit every month!

Signal statistics for 2020

See statistics on SMS signals for 2020 (by months), there are only currency pairs here, there are also separate statistics for gold.

+2960 points for January 2020!

Just think, without much effort, even if you open with a minimum lot, you would have already been able to earn 2960$ in just 1 month! And this is only for currencies, because even signals and gold, and the year is just beginning, still ahead!

+535 points for February by signals (2020)

+4030 points for March 2020!

Total: net income for 2020 (and it's still coming!) is about 7525 points!

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Signal statistics for currency pairs for 2019

Let's look at the statistics for the past 2019

+814 points for January 2019

+535 points for February 2019!

+3298 points for March 2019

March brought 3298 points to the total deposit despite the presence of a large number of stop losses. In general, you as a trader should not be afraid of too many stops, since the take profit significantly exceeds each of them. After all, if in the overall picture there is an increase in capital, then this is quite normal.

+911 points for April 2019

+491 points for May according to SMS signals for 2019!

+1960 points for June 2019!

+2905 points on signals for July 2019!

+1740 points for August 2019!

+950 points for September 2019

+1530 points for October 2019!

+2380 points for November 2019!

+2590 points for December 2019!

And the outgoing last month of 2019 brought 2590 points to all traders who traded by SMS signals. And that's just for the currency!

There are a lot of signals and not only for currency pairs, there are a lot of signals for oil and gold, as well as indices, and there are signals even for commodities. There are also signals for cryptocurrency.

How much did traders earn in 2019 for currency pairs only?

Total, it turns out +20104 points! If you traded only 0.1 lots, your net income would be 20104$! If you open orders with 1 lot, then your profit would be 201040 dollars!

200 000$ - in just 1 year of trading!

Even if we take the minimum dollar exchange rate (1$ = 65 rubles), then it will turn out to be 130,000,000 rubles! 130 million rubles!

As you understand, the signals come very often - special sms notifications are received on the smartphone all day long, and with such profitability and the number of signals, it is not necessary to use all of them.

Trade when you have free time! And even without special knowledge, moreover, here you don’t need to be able to build technical analysis and understand fundamental factors at all. All you need is to learn how to open orders in the MT4 program.

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