Joint forex trading or real training from scratch!

Joint forex trading or real training from scratch!
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How to get real training from scratch and start earning from the very first trading day? Well, of course, just join a special closed group!

Many beginners are now looking on the Internet for where to learn normally, and most importantly, to be explained clearly and in an accessible language. But the most important thing is not to promise, namely, to teach when opening deals with a student! And this is real!

Real learning from scratch!

Right from the first day you are guaranteed to earn your first money! BUT… if the market allows, if there are appropriate deals.

You will not be testing some dubious strategies, trying to enter the market and work with Demo accounts.

You will enter into transactions according to an already perfected strategy, which for many years has been profitable for those who trade on it. You will repeat with an expert and learn by memorizing different market situations - repeat the trading rules every day.

Who is not suitable for this training?

This training is not suitable for you if you just want to mindlessly copy someone else's trades without much understanding and without going into details. For this, you'd better choose SMS alerts and do not bother, but with the rest - move on!

What strategy are we trading?

Trade is carried out on levels of market makers by using this adviser.

How long does a joint trade last?

Access to the group is issued for life!

What are you getting?

  • We analyze charts of major currency pairs every day;
  • After checking your registration, you will get access to a closed page, where screenshots with explanations or video analysis of transactions will be posted daily or as the market changes, and you can also ask questions and receive answers to them;
  • You get FREE unique advisor, which denotes the main levels of market makers!
  • Along with access, you receive instructions in screenshots, which explain the basic rules for opening deals by levels (you will have clear entry rules - no “vagueness”!);
  • + A professional trader shares with you secrets that no one else has ever told you about on the Internet - about how how to read a chart without indicators!

This is nowhere else and never will be!

This is actually just a godsend for those who do not even know how to trade yet or have tried, but the results leave much to be desired.

Is it possible to take training for an absolute beginner?

Yes you can! You will learn both the basics (how to install and properly configure MT4) and advance in the knowledge of technical analysis.

Which broker is better and safer to trade with?

You can trade with whoever you want at your own risk, but the recommended broker is of course - Alpari! Since at the moment it is the only trading platform that meets all the new requirements.

How to start?

  1. Go to special page and get an advisor;
  2. Wait until you receive an email with login details for a special closed group;
  3. Start watching video tutorials and work!
Why do you need this training?

You need this kind of training if you don't want to waste money and time. Any trading practice that is carried out for the first time is always associated with the loss of a deposit - this is inevitable, as well as time, nerves and strength.

But you are freed from this karma and, bypassing all obstacles, you will get to professional trading!

I cannot guarantee you how much we can earn per day or week (it all depends on trading conditions). But I can guarantee you that you will not lose your deposit, and this is the main thing! For any trader or investor, capital preservation is in the first place, and earnings are in the second place.

What's better?

Earn once - by raising the deposit by 2 times, and then successfully merge it in one day or trade steadily on an ongoing basis, gradually increasing the trading account?

The benefits of such training

You don't get access to educational materials for a week or three days, as do the vast majority of would-be amateur teachers on the Internet.

You get LIFETIME ACCESS! This speaks volumes! This section will constantly collect the most useful material where you can go and see at any time the latest information!

Well, and most importantly, you get not just one adviser with which you remain one on one not knowing what to do with it and how to trade - you get a GUARANTEE that you can stay with the group until you learn!

What can you do after training?
  • Learn to calmly make decisions about entering a trade;
  • You will not fuss and guess: enter - do not enter, you will have a clear understanding of the situation and further actions;
  • Begin to understand the chart without indicators;
  • You can easily identify possible reversal points by simple signs;
  • You will see false reversals and traps of market makers!
Biggest newbie problem

All beginners face, first of all, the inability to adequately respond to different market situations.

For example, you opened a chart (it doesn’t matter which pair, let it be pound/dollar), you see that the price is moving down, and then it starts going up, and what does that mean? Need to buy or sell instead? What to do next? You do not know? And the adviser knows and he will always tell you!

After all, trading at the levels of market makers using an assistant robot is a simple and understandable trade-off of different market situations!

You do not risk anything, as the trading is carried out in a conservative way and the strategy has already been perfected on real accounts of most traders around the world who have been trading for many years and earn decently.

It turns out Forex trading is easy and anyone can do it!


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