List of the best strategies for 60 seconds: trade TURBO OPTIONS!

List of the best strategies for 60 seconds: trade TURBO OPTIONS!

Everyone who has ever seen really only working strategies for binary options for 60 seconds or even 30 could at least imagine - with what lightning speed the profit is obtained!

Now we will present a list of all working best strategies for 60 seconds, specifically for scalpers of binary strategies (we will analyze both indicator and non-indicator ones) only with working efficiency indicators.

Categories of scalping strategies

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make some kind of rating of strategies, it is very difficult, you need to check everything and re-test it. The easiest way is to lay out only really working options, and you yourself will check for "lice" each!

This list will constantly grow and be replenished with new interesting combinations in the form of strategies, as well as various trading tactics related only to turbo options on short-term timeframes, which of course include the indicators themselves for 60 seconds.

To receive signals for 60 seconds, you just need to open an account with a trusted BO broker and make a deposit (recommended at least 100$), then download the MT4 trading terminal and install it on your computer if you don’t have it yet.

Most strategies (not necessarily for 60 seconds) involve installing indicators and templates in this particular program, but there are trading tactics that you can use, for example, using simply this live chart.

List of strategies

  1. Simple Options »Expiration from 60 seconds or 1 TF candle M1;
  2. Chanel line » Expiration;
  3. Fishing "we catch a rebound;
  4. Regression Lines » rebound in the channel (channel strategies can generally be used on any TF);
  5. Rebound on three indicators » Expiration of only 1 candle;
  6. "Grail for 60 seconds" »Really cool strategy;
  7. "Breaking out the moving average" » applicable for TURBO OPTIONS;
  8. Scalping on the RSI » scalping for 1-2 minutes using one indicator;

What strategies will work best on a short time frame with a small expiration?

Focus on patterns such as:

  • Indicators are not rebuilt (ideally, they show signals ahead of time);
  • There are clear and specific rules;
  • All indicators are competently and logically combined with each other;
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