Moon phase binary options strategy for those who can wait!

Binary options strategy based on the phases of the moon

Strategy Moon Phases (Phases of the Moon) is designed for the period of execution of orders ten days. However, the result is worth the wait.

To determine the entry point, the system uses two indicators: Moon Phases (“moon phases”) and Linear Regression (“linear regression”).

The first serves as a pointer to buy an option, the second shows a trend and an entry point.

Setting up the system is easy. This will require you to open live chart.

In the top menu, click on the "indicators" icon:

Live Chart Indicators

In the list that opens, select "Technical analysis", scroll down the list and click on the "Moon phases" indicator:

Moon phase indicator on a live chart

Next, in the search form, enter the name of the indicator "linear regression curve" and click on it to display it on the chart:

Linear regression indicator

That's it, the template is ready to trade.

How to determine: DOWN or UP?

Purchase PUT option:

Buying a PUT option by moon phases

1. Channel direction - down;
2. The price crossed the channel border up;
3. A gray dot is visible under the candles;
4. On a new candle, a DOWN option is bought with an expiration date of 10 days.

Purchase CALL option:

Buying a CALL option by moon phases

1. The channel is directed upwards;
2. The price is below the channel border;
3. A gray dot is visible under the candles;
4. On a new candle, an UP option is bought with a 10-day expiration.

For successful trading, all of the above conditions must be met.

If applicable martingale strategy, the investment is doubled only on a new signal.

The moon phase strategy has proven itself especially well on the GBP/USD and EUR/USD currency pairs.

Trading recommendations

Recommended couples: any, but better than EUR/USD and GBP/USD;

Recommended Broker: strategy has been honed to finmax and showed amazing results, besides, this is the only high-quality broker from which you can choose an expiration from 30 seconds and even up to 6 months! Including for 10 days;

Timeframe: D1 (1 day);

Expiration: 10 candles (10 days);

Recommended minimum deposit: 100$

Apply strategy ⇢

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