Forex strategy: FX50 - 50-100 pips a day is easy!

The FX 50 trading strategy is a simple and profitable strategy that pleasantly surprises with its efficiency and the achievement of a take profit of 100 points.

The strategy is assembled from basement indicators with special levels and histograms + the template also includes a moving average indicator with special parameters.

The strategy is well suited for trending moves to easily take 50 to 100 pips in one move.

In general, the strategy was originally honed for currency pairs: EUR/USD and GBP/USD, but you can also test others.

Recommended timeframe for trading: M30-H1 (charts for 30 minutes and 1 hour).

Buy and sell signals

So, when we see that the price crosses the MA from the bottom up and the candle must close above the moving average.

The histogram in the first basement should turn green, and in the lower indicator (the second basement) the yellow line should cross the green one.

Take Profit is immediately recommended to set 100 points, stop loss within 30-40 points. When half of the movement (50 points) is reached, we transfer the order to breakeven.

With Sell signals, the opposite is true: we look when the price crosses the moving average and closes below.

In the lower basements: the histogram draws red bars, and below the yellow line crosses the green one already from top to bottom.

After such matches, you should open a sell order.

Recommended Brokers: FinMaxFX, MaxiMarkets

Strategy Template

Here you can download a ready-made template with the settings of this strategy for free. To do this, just leave a comment - share your results on forex trading!


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