MTF Trix Trading System strategy: rare, but aptly!

MTF Trix Trading System strategy: rare, but aptly!

The MTF Trix Trading System strategy from Western professional traders gives few signals, but they are very accurate.

Since the strategy works on any pair and time frames, you can get enough signals if you open several windows and switch time frames to track the signals.

The strategy was sharpened for binary options, but it is possible to fasten it for forex trading.

Up signals

We buy an option to increase from the next candle after the formation of the arrow. We set the expiration of 4 candles.

Down signals

Downward signals are the same. We are waiting for the arrow to appear and if there is a coincidence of the red bars (in the lower cellars), we buy a downgrade option. If we see that the price continues to go in the direction of the arrow, then we wait until the lower bars turn red and buy the PUT option!

Trading recommendations

Trading pairs: any;

Working timeframe: any;

Expiration: 4 candles;

Time to trade: any;

Secret: after a signal appears, the price usually rolls back after a short movement (approximately to the level where the arrow formed) - at this moment you can still buy more!

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The strategies include a special template with a set of indicators that need to be installed in the MT4 trading terminal. You can download strategy files for free using the link below!


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