Strategy at the intersection of two moving averages

Strategy at the intersection of two moving averages

The strategy for the intersection of two moving averages has been modernized and now consists of only one arrow indicator, which does not rebuild and shows good results from transactions.

What is the strategy?

The strategy consists of just one indicator and a ready-made template with settings. The template works in the trading terminal MT4, and how to install and properly configure MT4 for correct work on the strategy, you can see here.

What is the essence of the strategy?

The essence of strategies at the intersection of moving averages in general is that the purchase of an option is carried out when they cross with a certain expiration date, but in this case the strategy template itself was simplified.

Now you just need to follow the arrows, which, by the way, do not draw, and you can see everything on the history itself - what transactions were.

The two MA indicators have been converted to one arrow to simplify the system.

Of course, if you add some kind of filter to filter out false signals that are encountered, then the profitability of such a strategy will increase markedly.

Strategy at the intersection of two moving averages

Option buy signal WAY DOWN (PUT OPTION):

As soon as the red arrow appears, we buy a down option with an expiration period of 2 candles.

Option buy signal UP (CALL OPTION):

With a buy signal, everything is the same. A blue arrow appears - open a trade to increase by 2 candles.

Trading recommendations

Recommended trading pairs: all volatile;

Expiration: 15-30 minutes;

Timeframe: M15, M30;

Time to trade: Any;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

Template + indicators

To download a moving average strategy for free, share a comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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