Reverse investment strategy

Reverse investment strategy for binary options

The reverse investment strategy involves making only one transaction for the entire trading day. You won’t earn much with such a strategy, but you won’t lose much in case of a bad day.

Reverse investment strategy

What is the essence of this trading strategy?

The point is to place a bet at the very beginning of the trading day.

For example, open a trading platform, select a pair and see that the start of trading of the asset we have chosen begins at 14 00 Moscow time - this is for example. We bet in any direction with an expiration at the end of the day 02 00, it can follow the trend, you can just like that, it’s not very important here. After the bet, it remains only to wait for the end of the expiration.

What do we do next?

Approximately 30-15 minutes before expiration, we go to the site and see how the situation has changed with the asset we bet on. If the price goes in our favor, then everything is fine, it remains to wait for the close and make a profit.

If the price went not in our direction, then we need to quickly make a double bet in the opposite direction, so as not to fail and still remain in profit, albeit a small one, but still in the black.

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If the first rate was 25$, then in case the price went not in our direction, you need to cover it with the opposite rate of 50$, for this, by the way, you can use martingale calculator.

As you can see, this strategy does not imply excess profits and requires only one trade for the whole day, but given that there are a lot of assets, you can bet on several at once, so we only increase profits.

Advantages of the strategy:

It doesn't matter to us where the market goes, because if it moved up in the morning, then by the evening it can easily fall. This strategy is of the type martingalewhere it is not technical analysis that works, but simple mathematics.

You only need to open the site 2 times a day to place a bet and see the result!

Minimal risk due to overlapped opposite trade or no risk at all.

Cons of the strategy:

If you work with one asset, then you will not earn much.

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