60 Second Trading Strategy: Profit in 1 Minute!

60 second trading strategy

60 Second Trading Strategy: Profit in 1 Minute! Ready to make a profit in just 60 seconds Just 1 minute and you can take money! After all, these are binary options, where the profit is calculated in large amounts in a very short period of time.

Strategy for 60 seconds!

This binary options strategy from Western gurus consists of several indicators and a template that are installed in the program Metatrader 4

What is the essence of the strategy and how to earn?

Trading strategy for 60 seconds. Profit in 1 minute!

In principle, in the above screenshot, everything is clear, as soon as the purple signal arrow appears, we buy the option.

Accordingly, if the arrow points to Way down - buy a down option with a time interval that either corresponds to the chart in MT4 or 2-4 times more.

The screenshot shows a variant of the timeframe of 1 minute, but perhaps you will be better at other TMs.

For example, I trade best at 5 minutes. I also make a purchase for 5 minutes - the winnings are almost 100%. The strategy is just tin! Western bourgeois know how money is made!

With the option to increase - everything is the same, just the opposite.

How to work on strategy?

  1. We sit and wait for a signal to buy, as soon as the arrow shows us a signal to sell - we are not in a hurry to place a bet, draw a vertical line (upper window), you need a red candle to appear Down, stochastic (middle window) was directed Way down.
  2. There are 2 stochastics in the window: red - shows a SLOWER movement, and blue - a FAST movement. Well, they need to CROSS. And the last indicator (lower window) should also have a red candle.
  3. As soon as all the rules are met, we buy an option and expect a profit!

Trading recommendations


Working timeframe: from M1;

Expiration: 1 candle;

Time to trade: very strong news should be avoided;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

Template + indicators

To download the strategy for free, you need to leave some comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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