Transaction insurance on Nonfarm Payroll (NFP): earn 100% to the deposit!

Transaction insurance on Nonfarm Payroll (NFP): earn 100% to the deposit!

Full insurance for all your transactions on Nonfarm Payroll (NFP): earn 100% to your deposit in just a few minutes on the release of the most important news!

What is NonFarm Payrolls?

  • NFP is: very important news that comes out only once a month;
  • Nor Pharm - news before which the market freezes in a narrow corridor of fluctuations, as all traders in the world are waiting for it;
  • NFP is the news that brings the biggest profits!

Once a month, on the first Friday, the first week of the month, the most important event in the world of trading takes place

Do you want to make money on the release of just ONE news at once in just a couple of minutes BEFORE 100%, or maybe more?

Nobody knows, maybe you will be able to take all 200%, or maybe lose part of the deposit and for this, only the broker MaxiMarkets offers to insure all transactions on the day of the publication of this news.

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100% insurance of your deposit in case of bad luck - you risk nothing and lose nothing!

Even if the market goes against you and a stop loss is triggered, all your losses will be returned to your deposit!

Insure trades ⇒

During the release of news non-far payrolls, there is a strong movement, you only need to place pending orders (for example, this can be done using pending orders script or by hand), here is a video example:

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