Super profitable forex adviser: this has never happened before!

Super profitable forex adviser: this has never happened before!
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Super profitable forex adviser: this has never happened before! This is a real assistant robot that shows you where and when you need to open a deal on Buy, and where on Sell!

Here is a Buy trade on EUR/USD from the level:

Trade on Buy on EUR/USD

The screenshot clearly shows how the price bounces off this level as if it were a barrier, and this is what happens:

36 pips euro dollar

Next, move the stop loss to breakeven and fix the profit:

Rollover to breakeven and profit taking

Here are the gold trades:

Stop loss trade on gold

The first deal from the level was closed with a minus and almost immediately we open a sale from the level that has appeared and see what happens:

Profit on gold

The price goes in the direction of take profit, which more than interrupts possible losses on this adviser.

Many are interested in whether possible stop losses are frequent for such a trading system using this adviser?

  • The approximate ratio of losing trades to profitable trades is 3 to 10, that is, for 10 trades there are about 3 unprofitable ones.

But even if it were 50/50 at all, then such trading would still be profitable.


The ratio of stop loss to take profit here is at least 1 to 2 and often even 1 to 3, and for gold you can generally bet 1 to 5 or even 1 to 10!

Can you imagine how much you can earn from one gold transaction?

Here are some more deals:

Forex trades by advisor

Buy trade on GBP/JPY, then move it to breakeven and wait:

Buy trade on GBP/JPY

The price goes further, we drag the stop even higher, we look at the fibonacci grid.

We switch to TM less and it is clear that the price has reached the last local maximum and is starting to fluctuate. Most likely, it will turn around and it is better to close the deal without waiting for the take profit.

And here it was opened for GBP/USD:

GBP/USD trade

Here, while the price is marking time, let's see if the stop loss closes, open the opposite deal and still earn!

Pound dollar deal

Attention! This Expert Advisor is no longer relevant, a new development is available link "

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