Technical characteristics of the Intrade Bar platform and trading features

Technical characteristics of the Intrade Bar platform and trading features

The technical characteristics of the Intrade Bar broker platform require the conclusion of binary options transactions with extensive expiration.

The chart itself is used the same as on most sites, namely this one tradingview chart. But with their quotes.

The advantage is that you can perform technical analysis directly, as they say "on the spot" and you can immediately buy an option, that is, place a bet.

In principle, the platform does not freeze, a distinctive feature of the broker is that its platform has a very flexible choice of the time for executing transactions (expiration).

Trade types

When trading type: Classic - you can choose a date directly in the calendar with an accuracy of 5 minutes.

For trading by type: Sprint — You can trade on the short term by choosing the expiration for each minute. Time can be set from 3 minutes up to 500!

The platform implements "One-Click Trading" and the ability to switch the light theme to a dark one, whichever is more convenient for the eye.

This is how the profile (personal account) looks like, it looks simple and minimalistic, everything is simple and there is everything you need.

Of course, for those who are very picky, who use complex analysis and third-party software, this platform may seem a little dull, but for beginners, this is a great option to start.

SPRINT trading

This type of trading is suitable for scalpers, as there you can make options catching short-term movements of 3-5 minutes.

A very good advantage of course in the Interid Bar is a solid option payout percentage, which in some cases reaches 100%.

Also now many brokers offer good interest on contracts, we advise you to familiarize yourself :)

In the settings of your personal account, you can choose the appearance of the trading platform and, along with it, the interface also changes. In my opinion, the old view is much more convenient, where there are many useful "chips" that are immediately "at hand":

In the old interface, you can switch to trading modes: Sprint or Classic, which cannot be done in the new one.

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