Accurate indicator for forex trading: Entry Point!

Accurate indicator for forex trading: Entry Point!

The Entry Point indicator was originally developed for binary options, but during testing it turned out that it is best suited for forex trading.

Entry Point clearly shows entry signals, but in binaries it turned out to be difficult to guess with the expiration time, and from this it became clear that it is best suited for Forex trading.

Signals based on the Entry Point indicator

The rules are very simple, which greatly facilitates the work of beginners. When a red bar appears in the lower basement, you can enter the market from the next candle and open a deal on Sell, but it is better to place a pending order a little higher - Sell Limit. Stop Loss Bet for High.

Deals to buy also. When a green bar appears, we put a pending order for Buy Stop and Stop Loss for Loy a little lower.

The exit from the transaction can be carried out on the opposite signal or on some other of your filters.

Remember! This is not a full-fledged trading system, which is why it is placed in the section "indicators". But judging by how accurately, and most importantly, how correctly this indicator gives signals, in principle, you can trade using it alone. But there are no clear rules for exiting a trade.

Trading recommendations

As you probably guessed, the indicator can work absolutely on any trading pair, but still it is recommended to start with more liquid ones, namely, with majors. Use standard currency pairs.

It is also worth considering that the indicator is not tied to a specific timeframe, the signals are displayed on any time chart.

You can download the Entry Point indicator for free using the link below! Don't forget to share this page on social media. networks!


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