Why is binary options trading the most affordable way to make money for an inexperienced trader?

Why binary options trading is the most affordable way to make money for an inexperienced trader?
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What is binary options trading? Binary options are the fastest and easiest way to make money on financial trading even for an inexperienced trader.

You can easily increase your own budget on binary options, simply determining by strategies where the price will move - UP or DOWN.

In this case, special preparation does not make sense, because there are special strategies where entry points are visible by templates, and income from options is calculated automatically.

All trading comes down to the fact that you just need to look at the strategy template and press only two buttons on the trading platform - up and down.

Opportunities when trading binary options

  • Find out in advance about the probability of making a profit;
  • Exercise control over your own income;
  • Secure the transaction by setting the required amount that the broker will pay if the exchange works contrary to your expectations (not all brokers have this).

You will also need to select the duration of the operation (expiration) - from thirty seconds up to several hours or even days, it all depends on the strategy you have chosen.

It is allowed to trade both indices and stocks, as well as currency pairs, commodities, raw materials and even products.

Cryptocurrency trading has come into vogue now, for example: Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Ethereum are the most common.

Binary options trading can not be stopped for 24 hours a day throughout the week, with the exception of weekends (except for cryptocurrency, you can trade without stopping at all 24/7).

Availability of binary options

Characteristic features of the availability of binary options

  1. Controlled Risk - the main distinguishing feature of binary options, the essence of which is that the trader is familiar with how much he will lose or receive even before the conclusion of the transaction itself.
  2. Publicity - a trader acquires an agreement (the right to buy a currency at a fixed price), and not the asset itself, which makes it possible to significantly multiply profits from a predicted increase or decrease in value.
  3. Profitability - this sign is not dependent on the final value of the difference, but rather is directly related to a change in the trend of moving the price of an asset.
  4. Ease - since the volume of payments is directly dependent on the trend in the value of the asset, and is in no way associated with a price difference, less detailed data on the asset is needed to generate income.

It is these qualities that make binary options trading easily accessible to anyone and everyone, with the aim of making it easier to use even for less experienced traders.

What could be better than binary options?

Trading binary options - what could be easier?

Binary options cannot instantly make you rich, despite the fact that in some cases this often happens, but this can only be considered as luck.

With long-term trading, they will provide a steady and reliable increase in additional earnings, which, with a certain desire and confidence in forecasts, can be turned into your main income.

The essence of binary options is to make a forecast of changes in the price of an asset by a certain period (it doesn’t matter what it will be: stocks, raw materials or currency).

Such a definition may seem complicated, but there is nothing difficult in it.

By purchasing a binary option, you expect that by the marked period the value of the asset will increase or, on the contrary, decrease.

The option will make a profit if your prediction is correct.

It is important to realize that there is no direct acquisition of an asset. You just give a forecast of changes in its price, and only then choose the type of option: Call (up) or Put (down).

Choosing the right strategy

Choosing the right strategy

Trading binary options will require the trader to choose good trading tactics.

A lot of time should be devoted to this, even if you lose some time, otherwise the result of trading using the first strategy that comes across can be disastrous.

Therefore, it is very important to take the time to study the information that will help you choose the exact strategy, and learn how to act in accordance with its trading rules.

You need to choose the one whose trading rules suit you.

Profit can be up to 90% from investments if you make the right forecast.

The benefits of binary options trading include the following:

  • Fast (earn in just 30 seconds);
  • Available (the minimum amount for investment is available to everyone);
  • Simple (choose the direction of the price - higher or lower, and make a profit);
  • Transparent (no hidden fees - what you earn is what you take away).

An example of trading with a very simple indicator strategy

Let's analyze a sample of binary options trading and how signals are formed according to this strategy.

For example, you can see that a signal has appeared on the thirty-minute chart:

Binary Options Trading Sample

Here, without exception, the requirements converge:

  1. Cost approached resistance;
  2. Corrective indicators pressed to the top;
  3. Indicators showing major movement are trailing below;
  4. Indicators in the second basement - both pressed to the top.

This indicates a further decline in value, which is worth taking advantage of and directly switching to the trading platform in order to purchase a short option!

What we do (buying a downside option (PUT option):

Buying a down option

In this case, the PUT option was bought for one hour, that is: for two thirty-minute candles. The price bounced off the resistance and went down:

put option

Further, if you switch to the lower timeframe, you can see that the price has already run out of steam and does not want to go higher + the indicators met resistance:

Lower timeframe

And then we just watch how our investment in some ... 34 seconds will be replenished with another 350$:

binary options trade

Not bad, isn't it? Get 350$ in 5 minutes of work? What does it not say that there was work, 5 minutes - this is how long the deal lasted.

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The whole temptation of binary options lies in the fact that while the transaction lasts, you don’t need to follow it, you can do other things.

Not five minutes? You can easily choose ANY expiration! Set the duration of the transaction for 1-2 days and nothing distracts you!

Then just look at the result and then proceed according to the same scheme.

Thanks to the above actions, a single operation on binary options can very quickly recoup the laborious work that traders do every day in pursuit of points on the same Forex.

The process of trading on binary options is much simpler and easier, because you just need to have a successful trading strategy, and you will definitely succeed!

Trading Rules

Basic rules for binary options trading

#1: Concentration on selected assets. This item is considered important. Beginners are generally not recommended to spray on several assets at once.

Advice: choose one for yourself, for example, a currency pair and work with it.

Gradually, you will begin to understand how she walks, her small nuances.

Only due to the correct selection of assets in your trading portfolio can you expect to make a profit in the long term.

Always look for your own preferences in assets. Every asset has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of all the currency pairs, the following can be distinguished:

No one usually trades stocks among beginners, since it is more difficult to predict it using the usual indicator strategies that beginners usually trade with.

It is also recommended to consider cryptocurrency, there is a very strong demand for it now and it has a number of advantages compared to conventional currency:

  • Does not depend on anything (news does not affect it);
  • Easily predictable (indicator strategies clearly work out signals);
  • Quickly recovers from sudden falls;
  • A stable long-term trend (at the moment, all cryptocurrencies are growing, due to its popularity).

In general, the more popular a cryptocurrency becomes, the greater its value.

#2: Capital Management. You must create volume for yourself and form an investment plan. If you keep the same volume of trading, your risks will be minimal, and you will not be a victim of your own unsuccessful analysis.

Number 3: Trading Psychology. The main task of the emotional activity of a trader is considered to be an easy transition from a demo account to a real one. Only accurate calculation, in the absence of any emotions on your part, can cause success in trading.

Advice! Don't sit on demo account too long, it is generally not recommended to trade on a demo for more than 1 month, it is addictive. Then it will be very difficult for you to decide to switch to a real account. If you trade on a demo for half a year, then you hardly ever dare to switch to a real one, simple psychology works here.

Therefore, if you want to engage in trading seriously, proceed as follows: choose a strategy, test it on a demo (1-2 weeks), switch to a real account and trade. Slightly delay and this process may drag on indefinitely, which ultimately will lead to the fact that you will be afraid to trade on the real one.

Do I need to trade binary options?

Should I trade binary options?

Trading binary options, of course, is not entirely safe, there are always and everywhere risks.

No one is insured that tomorrow a volcano in Yellowstone will not explode or an earthquake will occur.

But binary options provide a real opportunity to earn extra money without much difficulty, and I think you have already convinced yourself of this.

You just need to predict in which direction, up or down, the value of the asset will move in a certain period of time.

If the forecast is justified, then you get a good income.

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