Binary options gold trading with end-of-day expiration

Binary options gold trading with end-of-day expiration

An example of a simple gold trading on binary options with an expiration at the end of the day - especially for the lazy and those who have little time, but really want to trade!

Trading Features

Gold is a rather capricious element and cannot be analyzed using simple technical indicators, only fundamental analysis.

It is also a very volatile asset. The currency has an average daily volatility of 100-150 points, except for the release of strong news.

For gold: 1500-2000 points per day is considered the norm, again, except for the occurrence of some sudden geopolitical situations, then more can pass.

That is, if you compare the volatility of gold with the volatility of the currency, you get 1 to 10. 1000 points for it will equal 100 for the currency.

How to trade gold on binary options?

  • 1. You can try to trade on the news. The release of important economic news that can be tracked on the calendar greatly influences the movement of this metal. But very important news rarely comes out, and weak ones have too little effect for the precious metal to start a sharp move. Yes, there are risks as well.
  • 3. Use super-profitable break-even strategy. Perhaps the most effective way to risk-free investment. After all, if there were no special trading tactics that have been honed over the years and tested, then one could only dream of trading in gold.

With a breakeven strategy, you can immediately see what situation any pair is in now, including Gold. Should I wait for a signal or just close and switch to other assets.

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Now, about the deal itself.

The deal was opened on a signal from a higher timeframe with expiration until the end of the day. Not quite to the end finmax it is possible to set expiration until 1900 and 0200, the choice fell on 1900, as a result, the expiration turned out to be 10 hours:


Well, here's how the situation began to develop further:


The price went up almost immediately after buying the option.

Benefits of trading binary options

  • 1. Lots of free time. Binary options trading does not require any third-party software. Everything works in the browser on the broker's server. You can go to open a deal and close the browser.
  • 2. With just one transaction, you can make good money and be free.
  • 3. You don’t need to sit near the monitor all day, open a higher timeframe, see if there is a signal, if there is, put it at the end of the day and close it, and in the evening just looked at the result.

Which one, see for yourself:



It's so simple: in the morning I opened it and invested... for example, 100$, in the evening I received an income of +70$


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