Characteristics and features of the currency pair: USD / RUB (American dollar - Russian ruble)

Characteristics and features of the currency pair: USD / RUB (American dollar - Russian ruble)
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The USD/RUB currency pair is probably the most popular asset for traders in Russia and the CIS!

The USD/RUB currency pair is considered one of the most popular for traders in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. This quote conveys the ratio of the US dollar to the Russian ruble and indicates how much the US dollar is worth in ruble terms.

What influences the movement of a couple?

The dollar itself, as well as the position of the euro, has the greatest influence on the price movement, in addition, there is a link to the cost of oil and gas, since the Russian currency acts as a commodity. The pair is not particularly popular on the world market, since the ruble exchange rate is strictly controlled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

It is characterized by high liquidity, the greatest volatility is observed during the European and American trading sessions. You can read more about trading sessions here.

It is very difficult to make a forecast for the Russian ruble, since it is not free to convert and cannot be used in a free manner. Also, do not forget about the severity of the Central Bank and its aggressive actions in terms of tightening monetary policy.

The ruble is pegged to the pair EUR/USD, while acting as a commodity currency due to its linkage to the cost of raw materials, in particular oil and gas.

No one is in a hurry to use an asset in transactions, but experienced traders skillfully use tricks and strategies to diversify their portfolio and make a profit even on such a hectic instrument.

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Analysis of the constituent elements of the USD/RUB currency pair

The American dollar is the official currency of the United States, and also tops the world ranking of reserve assets. The right to issue belongs to the FRS. In countries where their own monetary unit is not the only means of payment, it is the “American” that is used in circulation as the second main currency.

It is a free currency for conversion, it is included in the CLS system. Unofficially, it is the main reserve currency along with the euro, the British pound, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. Almost half of the world's gold and foreign exchange reserves are placed in dollar terms.

The dynamics of the exchange rate is influenced by the cost of gold and oil. An inverse relationship is observed - if the price of precious metal or raw materials rises, the dollar will weaken, if resources become cheaper, the dollar will strengthen its positions.

Currency movement is always driven by macroeconomic indicators within the market - they are published in the reports of ministries and statistical agencies.

The American economy is characterized by the highest GDP in the world, while the state has a powerful defense base, is a member of the UN Security Council, and is a founder of NATO.

The Russian ruble is the national currency of Russia. Amenable to the direct influence of prices for energy resources and non-ferrous metals. A good international conjuncture creates favorable conditions for investing in this currency.

The state has the largest area on the planet, is characterized by an insignificant indicator of external debt, has an industrial focus in development. The Russian economy is the sixth in the world ranking in terms of GDP.

Features of the dynamics of the USD/RUB currency pair and its forecasting

For traders from the CIS and Russia, this asset is a very popular instrument and is of great importance. The turbulence of the currency exchange provokes a significant increase in the cost of goods and services, and due to high volatility, speculators manage to earn money not only along the trend, but even during lateral movements.

The asset belongs to the category of exotic courses, has limited popularity. Due to the constant control by the Russian regulator, many people say that the Russian economy is unstable, which makes investing in the ruble too risky. Moreover, news about the ruble is published in Russian, and it is little known in wide circles of the world financial market.

The greatest trading activity falls on the period of the Moscow Exchange. Brokers often close trading before 8 am so that the pair's chart is more or less attractive and convenient for technical analysis.

The main factors of influence are the monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as well as actions by the US Federal Reserve. If the key rate increases in Russia, the dollar's position will weaken. When the US regulator raises rates, this has a positive effect on the position of the national currency, and the ruble weakens.

Also, special attention is paid to the news of the American market, which affect the movement of the chart.

Many traders are convinced that the ruble is directly dependent on the cost of oil. And in practice, this is confirmed by a direct correlation: oil is becoming more expensive and the ruble is strengthening against the dollar, and the decline in the cost of black gold provokes a weakening of the positions of the Russian currency.

To date, the determination of the price of an asset is largely due to international risk appetite. If large market participants are interested in venture investments, oil and the ruble will grow.

Indirect influence is felt from the dynamics of the euro: with the fall of the European currency, the dollar strengthens. Also, not the last factor of influence is news and macroeconomic indicators - data on GDP, unemployment, inflation, interest rates.

Rules and recommendations for making transactions with the USD/RUB currency pair

The USD/RUB currency pair is quite dynamic, which allows you to consider trading options both in the short term using scalping, and in the long term in order to receive a stable profit.

  1. If simple price channels are used, the return is already felt at 2-3 months of trading, while the medium-term and long-term options are asked to work only upwards, excluding sell transactions. This is due to the influence of macro statistics.
  2. If you hold short deals on the dollar, this will mean a move against the regulator of the Russian Federation and the US positions.
  3. It is also recommended to open deals on the breakdown of the price channel with an interval of 20 within the framework of day trading. The stop loss can be the lower border of the channel. Trading within 15 minutes will be profitable with an interval of 150 or 160.
  4. It is appropriate to use an adaptive price channel with automatic selection of the interval.

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USD/RUB chart

Live chart for the USDRUB currency pair is an ideal solution for those who do not want to install MT4 for analysis.

Technical analysis

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