An explosive strategy based on the profitable Binary Pro 3 indicator!

An explosive strategy based on the profitable Binary Pro 3 indicator!
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Do you want to feel and experience all the insatiability of profitable trading in turbo options right now? Do you want to get the feeling of closing 7 trades out of 10 in profit? Then the Binary Pro 3 strategy is for you!

What do you need to have in order to work effectively using a strategy based on the effective Binary Pro 3 indicator? Naturally, you need to install this indicator, properly manage your account capital and trade with a good broker!

If all the conditions have been met, you are a successful person. The Binary Pro 3 indicator is considered to be one of the accurate tools that contribute to a good performance.

The immediate task of the developers was to use it on options. It reacts quickly to any price fluctuation.

The indicator showed good statistics while trading turbo options. Testing has shown that 70% percent of all trades made using the indicator are profitable.

And this is enough to carry out profitable trading. Thanks to service, which gives real-time quotes, the indicator can be used by every trader.

When you have switched to the service, you need to enter the name of the trading instrument on which the trade will be carried out in the appropriate field.

When a trading instrument is selected, you need to assign a time period for the chart. To trade with Binary Pro 3 on turbo options, specify a period of one minute.

Timeframe on live chart

Then you need to go to the "indicators" section and select: VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3_V2_FINAL.

Selecting the VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3_V2_FINAL indicator

Thanks to these actions, you will prepare everything for comfortable and proper work.

The next step is choosing a broker that is ideal for trading. Below is a list of recommended brokers, but we will consider an example of working out a strategy with this broker.

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Indicator signals

Buying up (CALL option):

CALL option on Binary Pro 3 strategy

The signal for buying in the upward direction is the intersection of the red and blue movings when they are directed upwards.

At the same moment, a blue dot should appear on the price chart.

Having noticed these conditions, you should open a position up.

Buying Down (PUT option):

PUT option on Binary Pro 3 strategy

The signal to buy in the downside direction is the intersection of the red and blue moving averages when they are directed down and a blue dot should appear on the chart.

Under such conditions, you can open a down position.

Deadline and funds management

When opening a position, you need to invest about 2% of capital on your balance with the broker. Set the trade expiration time to about five minutes.

Be sure to trade during the daytime when the market is volatile. At this time, the market is actively moving, there are trends on it.

If you follow all the rules of trading, money management and the use of the indicator, you can undoubtedly expect profitable trading. The Binary Pro 3 indicator will become an indispensable tool for daily earnings.

Trading recommendations

Trading pairs: major currency pairs;

Working timeframe: M1 (60 seconds);

Expiration: 5 candles (5 minutes);

Time to trade: avoid strong news;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

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