Western strategy for binary options Genesis Matrix!

Western strategy for binary options Genesis Matrix!

Binary options with the Genesis Matrix strategy just got easier! The Western strategy for binary options Genesis Matrix has proven itself well in the foreign segment among traders due to the big plus in the accuracy of determining the trend.

Now you have the opportunity to try out the strategy in action!

The Genesis Matrix strategy works great on both binary options and classic forex. The big difference of this strategy is that the indicators are assembled using a special technology and work without redrawing!

The indicators included in the Genesis Matrix are the result of many years of work by a group of professional traders and now the strategy is available to you!

What do indicators without redrawing mean? This means that with each appearance of a new candle, the indicator does not change its signal, which means that the TS as a whole works much more stable than all other drawing indicators.

How to work on strategy?

Here is an example of a sell signal for the Genesis Matrix strategy:

Western strategy for binary options Genesis Matrix!

As you can see from the screenshot, the entry signal is the simultaneous coincidence of signals from all indicators at once, only then the entry is made.

Buy signal PUT option:

1. The squares are colored red;

2. Both stochastic lines look down;

3. The closing of the last red candle is below the moving average;

4. A signal arrow appears (although it is not the most significant, but only as a visual confirmation);

5. At the opening of the next candle, we buy a down option!

An up signal looks like this:

Western strategy Genesis Matrix

Buy signal CALL option:

1. All squares in a row are painted white (everything to the last, this is important!);

2. Both lines of stochastics are directed upwards;

3. The last candle closes white and above the moving average;

4. A signal arrow appears and on the next candle we buy an option to increase!

The expiration time depends on the working TM, it needs to be set 2-3 times more.

For example, if you work on the M5 timeframe, then the expiration level should be set to 15-20 minutes.

Trading recommendations for the Genesis Matrix strategy

Working timeframe: the strategy works on any TM, but in the main working time period is 5-15 minutes;

Expiration: 2-3 candles;

Trading pairs: the strategy was tested only on the currency and showed good results on the EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, EUR/GBR and AUD/USD pairs;

Time to trade: preference is given to the London session (the session opening time is well displayed in the right menu of this site), since the creators of the strategy say that it is tied to this session, although it shows signals for me at any time;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

The strategy is very simple and does not contain any complicated entry rules, and therefore it is perfect for a novice trader to get the first profit!

Template + indicators

To download the Genesis Matrix strategy for free, leave a comment on this article, immediately after that a link for downloading files will appear here.


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