Earn without risk on binary options from the first trade!

Earn without risk on binary options

Is it possible to earn without risk on binary options from the first trade? That is, for example, to replenish the deposit and conclude a contract absolutely without any risk and, if successful, make a profit? See how!

What is risk free trading?

Risk-free trading - this means that if you invest and suddenly your contracts turn out to be unprofitable, the broker returns you the entire investment amount.

As a result, it turns out that you do not risk anything - the broker takes all the risks!

Not every broker can boast of such a promotion. But for example FinMaxBO invites you to make such a transaction WITHOUT ANY RISK.

That is, for example, you immediately put the entire amount of the proposed insurance, then at best you will earn, but at worst you will not lose anything.

What are risk free trades?

Binary options broker FinMax offers all its new customers the opportunity to open the first position completely WITHOUT RISK, but there are some limitations:

In % from deposit:

  • With a deposit of 250-1000$ - 20% without risk;
  • With a deposit of 1000-5000$ -50% without risk.

For the scope of the contract:

  • From 100-1000$ - maximum - 1000$;

From 5000$ (Gold) account:

  • Short position: maximum volume - 2500$;
  • Option until the end of the day: maximum volume - 5000$;
  • Weekly: maximum volume - 1000$;
  • Option for a month or more: maximum volume - 1000$

Platinum account from 25000$ replenishment by the client:

  • Short position: maximum volume - 5000$;

How does a risk-free trade work?

Just take part in the action, fund your trading account, go to the trading platform and try to buy an option. If it turns out to be unprofitable, you will automatically return the entire invested amount back to your trading account in the form of a bonus.

You do not need to write in those. support, everything happens in auto mode!

But, if the amount invested by you turns out to be in profit, then you receive income, that is, everything is the same as in normal trading. And you can withdraw this money!


How many options can be bought without risk?

Unfortunately, there is only one so far, but as already mentioned, you can easily and without any fear open a deal (the larger the deposit, the larger the volume can be allowed to open) and if you are lucky or the strategy turns out to be super profitable, for example, this strategy, then you will significantly raise your capital.

What are the conditions for risk-free trading?

You cannot sell an option and choose to invest more than the risk-free bonus. The risk-free bonus is given only for the first trade.

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