Foreign strategy Profitabl: ideal solution for a novice trader!

Foreign strategy
Foreign strategy Profitabl: ideal solution for a novice trader!

Foreign strategy Profitabl: ideal solution for a novice trader! The Profitabl strategy is very easy to determine the signal to buy an option, so it is perfect for a beginner.

The strategy for binary options is compiled in the west, the strategy includes a ready-made customized template and a full set of indicators. The strategy works in the MT4 terminal.

How to define signals?

Everything is simple here, so as not to get confused, a combination of only two colors was specially implemented in the strategy. And as soon as the same color matches on all histograms, we open a deal!

Sell signal — the histograms are colored red and a downward signal arrow appears.

Foreign strategy for binary options 1

On the right, an additional indicator was attached that determines the pressure or strength of the currency.

This example shows the weakening of the US dollar and the strengthening of the Canadian, which means that the USD/CAD pair is expected to fall! Use this indicator to filter the entry.

Foreign strategy for binary options 2

We also use the trend power indicator. Tip: it is better to open a trade if the percentage is at least greater than or equal to 80, and the second is less than or equal to 20, so we increase the likelihood of a positive transaction.

Of course, if you use this super-profitable break-even strategy, then there will be no problems with the entry at all, since the accuracy of open trades according to its signals reaches 97%, and this one has only 86%, but of course, you can also make good money with it.

Foreign strategy for binary options 3

Also in this strategy, an indicator of trading sessions is attached for better clarity, so that you can see the time of the exchanges and what time you are currently trading.

Foreign strategy for binary options 4

The chart shows the resistance and support levels. The thicker the indicator line, the lower the probability of a breakdown, the stronger the level. The thinner, the weaker the level and the greater the likelihood of its breakdown.

Foreign strategy for binary options 5

Trading recommendations for the Profitabl strategy

Working timeframe: any, but the best option is M30 and H1;

Expiration: 3 candles;


Time to trade: except for the release of important economic news;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

The strategy is very simple, does not contain any complicated entry rules and is perfect for a novice trader to get a taste of profit!


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