live chart

Why is the graph called "live"? Because it has flexible settings, has many built-in technical analysis tools and is suitable for almost any type of trading strategy. Quotes you watch naturally in real time.

You can choose any type of display that is convenient for you: candles or bars, as well as throw indicators already built into its platform directly onto the chart.

If this is your first time encountering this type of chart, see how to set it upand also read about its benefits.

Signals from Sellers and Buyers

In real-time mode, you can observe the ratio of sellers and buyers, thereby understanding in which direction the movement of the asset you have chosen is currently going. You don't need to refresh the page to receive signals!

Choosing a live chart strategy

It is most convenient to use non-indicator strategies on such a chart, since according to indicators it is still best to use the MT4 or MT5 terminal, but still this chart has its own built-in indicators - here special strategies.

Non-indicator strategies include: Candlestick and Bar analysis, Figures and Patterns. You can also use trading in Channels and Levels.

Here characteristics major currency pairs.